Esther Koh

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Esther Koh is a primary school teacher living in Wellington with her husband and two sons. She loves people and has a passion for helping others find their purpose for living.

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  • I choose this… or that; still God chose

    Choices aren’t easy. I, for one, am not good at making decisions. To choose this or to choose that? There are pros of both choices and cons of both choices. What then should be our guideline for choosing?

  • I forgive ME

    Forgiveness has never been an issue for me, or so I thought. To begin with, I have no problem forgiving others easily. After all, for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God (Romans chapter 3, verse 23). No one is perfect and I have never expected anyone to be perfect.

  • Are we losing the battle?

    Everyday we go through many battles. Some are bigger than others. Some are minor while others are major. Some are internal and some are external.

  • Driving through heavy traffic

    Every Monday, I start my week by driving roughly 45 minutes to work. After work, the same process repeats, another 45 minutes drive before I reach home. This cycle continues throughout the weekdays from Monday to Friday.

  • Mirrors

    Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? This famous quote from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs often reflects our most common use of a mirror: to see ourselves (with a tinge of vanity!). We would all agree that being presentable is definitely more appealing than the opposite.

  • The new normal

    With the announcement that New Zealand was at Level 3 alert for covid-19, then going into Level 4 lockdown in 48 hours not too many weeks ago, all that was normal was thrown topsy-turvy. Many weeks into it now, we have our own new normal.

  • Growth is spelt TROUBLE

    Back when I was a youth, I remembered being baffled by a nearby youth ministry which was plagued with problems.

  • I'm tired, if only, thank God?

    Just a few weeks into the new year and I’m tired.

  • The scary new

    This new year, I enter a new phase in life. After completing my Graduate Diploma in Teaching(Primary) last year, I will now embark on my journey as a primary school teacher.

  • The missing birthday boy

    Christmas is around the corner! Heaps of Christmas decorations and delicacies are already on sale. Christmas stockings, Santa hats, Christmas trees full of ornaments and lights, candy canes, reindeer chocolates, jingle bells and not forgetting Christmas presents!