Fiona Murray

Press Services International

Fiona Murray has a passion for telling stories, both real and fictional, to engage the reader in the greatest hope of all, Jesus Christ. She has been a primary school teacher, teacher aide, personnel administrator for a mission organization and a financial assistant for various community trusts, all of which has grown her love for detail and creativity. Fiona is also undertaking further Bible study from a Messianic Jewish perspective. She is married to Alan, and they live in Selwyn, Canterbury with their children, Abi and Ethan.

  • Here and now

    I don’t belong here. I don’t belong there. Where do I belong?

  • Lost

    My heart raced. Panic swelled within me. My stomach lurched. Where was my little girl? My precious baby? Horrendous thoughts permeated my mind. ‘Lord!’ I screamed from within. ‘Help!’

  • The lion and the porcupine

    My writing journey has recently begun and what an enriching journey it has been so far.

  • Finding home

    Oh, my goodness! Is it him? No, it can’t be. How on earth can it be?