Frances Ducommun

Press Services International

Frances Ducommun is from Brisbane Australia, a student of philosophy and artistic endeavors. She thinks she's funny, is constantly covered in cat hair and will substitute sleep with reading if no one keeps an eye on her. 

  • Facing the Impossible

    Myanmar has been beaten down by its military dictatorship for the last 50 years, yet they do not carry themselves as victims. With the recent developments towards democracy, the people were full of hope, ready to exercise this newfound freedom.

  • Accidental Witchcraft

    The instructions of the Facebook event had led me to a bonfire in a park. I joined the group of strangers sitting in the warm glow and it wasn’t long before I realized that many of those whom I was chatting with were involved in the occult.

  • Truth v. Logic

    Just because something is logical does not make it true. Here is an example: Premise one: All men are pigeons. Premise two: Socrates is a man.

  • Conversational Judo

    Just as there are tricks to skateboarding, art, or anything in life, there are tricks to processing information. So here are a few tricks they don't teach in school.

  • Tame the Fear, not the Storm

    I was struggling for months with disabling anxiety when I felt another panic attack approaching. As the fear coiled up my gut, I suddenly experienced the sensation of rain hitting me – my mind converted the emotion to sensation.

  • Relationship Advice You Haven’t Heard

    Imagine if we spiritualized other areas of life the same way we did relationships?