Gavin Lawrie

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Gavin Lawrie is a retired Barrister and Solicitor from Tweed Heads NSW Australia and author of the book: 'THE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION: Uncovering The Faulty Science Of Dawkins' Attack On Creationism'. He is married to Jan with two adult children and they are grandparents.

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  • Shades of white

    Initially I only thought of the Biblical concept of ‘blackest darkness’. Then came to mind the contrast in the paint job in our house when at decorating time my wife and I played the role of amateur interior decorators.

  • And the truth is…

    I was in the reception area of a group of specialist doctors waiting to be called. The only other person present was a man about my age (hereafter ‘my friend’) who was waiting for his wife.

  • Silent witness of the water cycle

    The earth’s water cycle is the process by which water circulates between the earth's oceans, atmosphere and land involving precipitation as rain and snow, draining into streams and rivers, and returning to the atmosphere by evaporation and transpiration.

  • A life saved

    We live near a lake. I was walking around it on the concrete walkway one Sunday afternoon as a cold southerly breeze blew.

  • Two living Englishmen both dead: one dead Englishman vibrantly alive

    The two men are not physically dead but like those who are, these two Englishmen currently do not have a pulse.

  •  Appearance and identity

  • There are many Dave’s in the world.

  • Silent witness of the heart

    I arrived home to recover from open-heart surgery. It’s been said we have a very weak grip on life being only ever one ...

  • Mistaking glitter for gold

  • Snatched from the fire

    Upon receiving a surprise request from his previously unknown (to me) daughter Judy, I visited Alistair in the nursing home where he had apparently resided for some months. He was 94 years of age.