Harrison Bellve

Press Services Internation

Harrison is a twenty-one year old student who completed his Bachelor of Communications in 2019 and is now working in marketing. He was raised in a non-Christian family but has been part of the Church since the beginning of 2018. He has a passionate personality which is illustrated in many facets of his life from writing, to sports, food, friends, family and God. Harrison enjoys exploring and grasping different parts of life and discussing them with others. Chat with Harrison further at: harrisonbellve@gmail.com

  • His Way

    Often we hear about His way and how His way is greater than our own. But I think that we can often get caught up in our way of His way.

  • What do you want from this year?

    It’s another year! What’s something you want from it?

  • What is time?

    Time is an intriguing concept. It’s something we’re constantly abiding by, checking on, setting before bed and waking up to in the morning. Time is good. It measures things. It organises us. It is a structure for our lives.

  • “2020”

    Honestly, perhaps it is because I live in New Zealand - a country that went COVID free for over 100 days - and are still doing pretty well.

  • You’re doing great

    Some of you may have read my story that was published a few weeks ago, but for most of you, this may be the first time reading what I write.

  • The Harrison Bellve Story

    I was born and raised in the capital of this fine country, Wellington, New Zealand. For specifics, I was actually born in a pool in the middle of my lounge. Ironically though, I’ve never been able to swim very well.

  • God says, “Hello”

    Have you ever wondered what it would actually be like for God to say “Hello” to you? Like actually in front of your face, just saying, “Hello.”

  • Love

    What is love? Love can be beautiful, it can be light, warm, selfless, humble contagious and Holy. But it can also be ...

  • Just, be.

    Hey, have you ever thought about, just being you? And that just being you is enough? That it’s not something that we have to tell ourselves but something that we are told to do.

  • A Promise to be Better

    There are tons of Bible verses that encourages us to speak up (Proverbs 31, verse 8-9. Isaiah chapter 1, verse 17. Jeremiah chapter 22, verse 3. Leviticus chapter 19, verse 16, Psalm 146, verse 7-9). Likewise Ephesians chapter 4, verse 16 says we all have a purpose, and we will all work together.