Jarred Pienaar

Press Service International

 Jarred is an HPE and Mathematics teacher on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, he is married to Haley and has three beautiful children Chelsea, Nathan and Ryan.  

  • The Push up Challenge

    Four years I have been a parent. 12 Years I have been a teacher. Gone are the fancy-free days of my youth. The fast metabolism that never ended. The natural fitness and athleticism that my body possessed.

  • The unknown sacrifice

    This past Easter I have been more reflective on the death and resurrection of Jesus. I have personally read more articles on the defence of the resurrection more than any other year.

  • The toilet paper apocalypse

    I have just woken up, there is this smell in the air, in the distance I can hear people yelling. Is that someone screaming? I stumble from my bed groggy from the night before, I hear a loud bang! An explosion? But where?

  • What it means to be a teacher

    I have just finished 6 glorious weeks of holidays and now I am back at work. I can still feel the apprehension in my stomach as the days ticked down to the new school year starting.

  • Breaking the chains of abortion

    A topic that polarises and creates heated debate, is it a women’s health issue? Or is it protecting those who do not have a voice? Abortion has been one of those topics which has been on the minds and lips of literally millions of people over the past 12 months. Qld and NSW parliaments debated and voted for the decriminalisation of abortion under the powerful protests of pro-life and pro- choice advocates.

  • The strength of the broken

    I have this beautiful friend who posts the most encouraging and inspirational things on Facebook. One of these posts caught my eye back in September.

  • Memoires of a tired parent

    Do you remember a time, when you could literally do whatever you wanted to do?

  • Wrestling with life together

    Have you ever struggled with doubt? I mean real doubt in your faith?

  • Awesome and amazing

    Do you remember when you last stood in awe of something? Where that thing, that event, that experience just made you stare in absolute wonder!

  • Praying for the depraved

    Have you ever been angry? I am sure you have, but have you been angry to the point where you feel nothing but hate for that thing, that situation, that person?