Jessica McPherson

Press Service International

Jessica McPherson lives with her best friend and husband, Eoin and their family of rescue animals in Christchurch. She loves reading, writing, photography and scrap-booking but most of all sharing God’s love and truth with a hurting world. Jessica is particularly passionate about encouraging children and building them up in gospel truth.

  • The comfort of an unchanging God in an ever-changing world

    Globally there are 10% of people who are over 65 years old, which means that over 90% of people alive today have never known of The UK and Commonwealth having any other Monarch than Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Using Sport For The Glory of God

    Fireworks explode, music rings out, a huge torch is lit and thousands of athletes and hundreds of flags flood the stadium heralding the start of another Olympic games – games which in their modern form have been going since 1896.

  • A Great Cloud of Witnesses

    God’s people have always been persecuted for their belief in and following of him. It might seem like there is a new and rising antagonism towards Christians but as is the catchphrase of Ecclesiastes “There is nothing new under the sun.”

  • The Two-Edged Sword of Privilege

    I’m very excited because this week is the pinnacle of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations with a special four day weekend in the UK and more celebrations than you could shake a stick at!

  • A Greater Peace

    Do we know what peace is? In history, peace has often only come after war, after one ruling power manages to conquer others and declare themselves the ruler. Is that peace; or is peace something completely different? Is war what gets in the way of peace or is war a way of creating peace?

  • A Greater Love

    In 2000 a small team of psychologists began a study of how babies in Romanian orphanages developed compared to orphans placed in foster homes and children  who live with their families. The orphanage staff fed, changed, and bathed the children but apart from that they were left in their cribs all day to entertain themselves.

  • A Greater Hope

  • Cherry Blossoms, Decay, and Jesus

    It’s currently Spring which is my favourite season – finally after a long, grey, cold winter the sun is shining ...

  • When Should You Kill Hitler?

    Civil disobedience (going against the ruling authorities) has been a controversial topic for hundreds of years, it may seem like it has become more of an issue over the last few years but it was a popular topic even in first century BC.

  • The world has gone mad but then again it hasn’t

    Dear Christians, I am writing to encourage you in the face of increasing pressure to conform to the world. It may feel like we are wading into unprecedented times for those who want to faithfully live the way God has laid out but I endeavour to encourage you that although the pressure and persecution is different it is not new.