Jhonelle McIntosh

Press Services International

Jhenelle has been a born again Christian for almost 17 years. She is grateful for the opportunity given by the Lord to mix all her passions, dreams, giftings and skills together. 

  • Quiet waiting

    It is a noisy period in history, there are so many voices and issues vying for our attention. As if our internal sound systems were not loud enough, we are contending with external opinions that seem almost impossible to avoid. Our interaction with unsolicited noise is pervasive and intrusive. It is persistently distracting, and for a faith that calls for steady devotion, it proves a great hindrance to our relationship with the Lord.

  • God in the depths

    There are many of our Christian brothers and sisters who have tasted the cup of persecution in ways we in this time and culture would deem offensive for the Lord to allow us to endure. Many of us, unlike King David and other psalmists, have not descended to our lowest points where our situations resemble Sheol.

  • The promise of morning

    The Genesis account of creation details an epic display of God’s wonder. It is not something that I have meditated on extensively but imagine witnessing life coming into being by the very breath of God. There is an intentionality that marks the creation story that also highlights a particular complementary rhythm, a pairing and contrasting that is perfectly executed by a perfect God.

  • Weakness and strength

    I began my 26th year with an invitation from the Lord to grow in trusting Him. I have always been intimidated by this because it simply meant that I could not just continue doing what made me comfortable.

  • Loving the hard way part 2

    In my last submission I shared some introductory principles that I hoped would ground this second part of the discussion on loving the hard way.

  • Loving the hard way

    Most of my recent writings have begun with lamenting how wildly eventful the year 2020 was, as its intensity is ever before me.

  • Strength in the quiet place

    Let’s consider this a part two of sorts to the article I wrote last month, “What’s good for me.”

  • Cycles

    I just finished a journal and now I’m on to the second one for the year. This year has been quite a reflective one and I’ve definitely committed more to journaling the highs and the lows with the Lord. I was a bit saddened by how strikingly similar the ending of my recently finished journal was to the one before it.

  • Where are you?

    If by some wild chance you could craft the character of God, what traits would you add to His mix?

  • Lessons in obedience

    I’ll start this article off with a quick confession. I’m a 25-year-old stuck in an 85 year old body. I am chronically unfit, unimaginably uncoordinated, and as achy as a geriatric.