John Lemmon

Press Service International

Since retiring from work, John Lemmon now spends his time teaching, preaching and writing about the word of God, online and offline, answering God's call on him to “Speak to my people.” You can connect with John on Twitter (@JohnBLemmon) or on his website: or listen to his podcast on iTunes:

  • Will the REAL truth please stand up?

    There is an obsession about the truth. We see it everywhere. Everyone wants to know the truth, and the reason why is because it is so hard to find.

  • I'm a Jesus freak

    Being a Jesus freak does not mean you are a freak. It just means that you care about the things of the Lord more than the things of this world.

  • The protection of the Lord

    We are in a time when great tribulation is happening across the globe.

  • I am the Light

    I had been studying the scriptures and the words of Jesus when He said in Matthew 11:28-30.

  • Constructing the house of God

  • The divine word of God

    I heard a Hollywood actor speak today about the “antiquated” words of the Bible. He said they were irrelevant to our modern society. He was simply reflecting the views of most of western society in his statements.

  • Music – Walking on the water

    In these unprecedented times that we live in, it is easy to fall into depression and despair. We forget sometimes that Jesus, who walked on the water and called Peter to walk on the water with Him, is in control. When Peter kept faith in Jesus Christ, then he walked on the water to the Lord.

  • Was Jesus a fireman?

    No. Not really…but bear with me. There are some striking similarities believe it or not!Firemen understand everything ...

  • Why write five words when a thousand will do?

    I’m one of those people that don't know when to stop. I especially find it hard to keep the stuff I write to a reasonable length.

  • I'll save you from the storm

    I spent a little time recording a song I wrote at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I thought some people might get some encouragement and hope from it. These are the details and the link to the video that I have put up on YouTube.