John Lemmon

Press Service International

Since retiring from work, John Lemmon now spends his time teaching, preaching and writing about the word of God, online and offline, answering God's call on him to “Speak to my people.” You can connect with John on Twitter (@JohnBLemmon) or on his website: or listen to his podcast on iTunes:

  • Church of the budgie!

    In our travels through the Australian bush my wife and I would sometimes come across flocks of wild budgerigars.

  • A time to watch and understand

  • Floating the truth

  • Riding against the wind

    The winds of change are blowing across the face of the planet, and they are not necessarily blowing tidings of good for those who seek to follow Christ. Being a Christian means that we will have to push against the wind many times.

  • Finding peace in a world filled with stress

    How do we find peace in a world filled with stress, desperation, depression, and misery? Is it even possible to find peace let alone hold onto it?

  • A Better Day

    In February 2010, one year after the Black Saturday bushfires had swept through Kinglake and other parts of Victoria, a Christian concert was held. It was held in Kinglake to mark the first anniversary of those devastating fires and to promote a hope for better days ahead.

  • A new understanding of the seventy weeks of Daniel

    I normally don’t write about end times prophecies, but recent studies in the book of Daniel have got me thinking. Daniel’s prophecies are all time lines pointing to the end of these times and the return of Jesus Christ.

  • The Gospel Train

    The Gospel Train is a song that looks at the many different aspects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

  • Do you want to be healed?

    Recently, I had a woman write to me seeking prayer for healing for both herself and her sister. It quickly became apparent that she had no idea how the process of healing works in the Bible. Instead, she was following dangerous doctrines that will never lead to healing.

  • Listen to Jesus

    God the Father did not say a lot in the Bible, but when He did speak you can guarantee that what He said was important.