John Yates

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The Rev. Dr John Yates is an Anglican minister in Perth and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren. He spends time in praying, mentoring and writing.John Yates’s previous articles may be viewed at

  • Empty Spaces

    When my diary looks empty, I feel something wrong is happening

  • Mystical Christianity   

    As a young Christian I was attracted to the teachings of the classical Christian mystics, men and women whose writings have been widely acknowledged as bearing witness to Jesus across the various strands of Christianity.

  • The Great Reversal

    Why is it that the most difficult part of Easter is Good Friday, when the climax of the undivided Easter event is the resurrection? I still find, usually elderly and devout believers, feeling bad about Good Friday, and I can still recall my mother’s refusal to wash clothes that day.

  • The Gentle Man

    The notion of a gentleman is today perceived as both offensive and archaic. (When a man I know courteously held open a door for a young woman, she kicked him in the shins!)

  • The Power of Agreement

    There are 43k+ Christian denominations today, and such an ongoing polarised state of the faith is a tragedy for the world. Agreement is that important.

  • Conscious Dependence

  • Comfort

    An old term of derision about Western society is that we are mostly “comfortable middle class”. Generally, the mass of Australians are well clothed, well fed and have good shelter.

  • Identification

  • Killing God

  • Between Time and Eternity

    Recently I read an article on the impact of high-speed technology on our culture, particularly on young people. These words grasped my attention: “The culture surrounding technology is obsessed with efficiency, and hatred for time consuming eats away at us like flesh-eating bacteria, Infinite abysses can be filled only by infinite objects in infinite time.” (Justin Kim).