Justin Austin-Monaghan

Press Service International

Married to the amazing Liana Monaghan for 13 years, a fellow creative that is just trying to release a little bit of heaven this side of eternity. How do I do that? I draw, paint, love people and surf my way through the streets and beaches of South Australia.

  • The pursuit of darkness

    Recently my life has seen me uncover truths that I had no idea were impacting my quality of life not only in the present, but also in the future. It has been a deep dive into many aspects of life, wellness, spirituality and my own personal psychology.

  • Jesus' Salty words

    Recently I have been on a health journey and one that has seen me investigate how far we have fallen from the diet that our bodies were made to consume. On this path I have had the opportunity to research, sit in front of professionals and have sought the Lord for my own understanding.

  • Why have you forsaken me?

    There are times in your life that you get really shaken. Despite your best efforts to remain unshakable as God’s word professes you seem to be rocked by the storms of life.

  • The Harvest is Here - Lessons from 2nd Feast of the Lord.

    Over the past 9 years, I have been deeply fascinated with the origins of the Christian faith and it has led me deeper into a relationship with God that I never would have experienced without this deep dive.


    Passover is one of the most important meals in history and this piece was a created through the recent 2022 Passover dates.

  • Surrendered Surfers Serving

    Over the years I have had the opportunity to do many roles within the surf community. It all started years ago when I got involved in a group called Christian Surfers.

  • The Cross is the fire

    A painting that really is fresh ‘manna’ as it is the first painting I have created in quite some time. Being inspired by the creative worship flow that was Shalom Music Festival in Murrayvilley this piece was made.

  • It's time to remove the ‘masks’ and live again.

    Just a week ago South Australia made the decision to drop the mandate to wear face masks. So what had been mandated was all of sudden not required. What changed between the 14th and 15th of April I truly don’t know, but that is another story in itself.

  • He is a good good Father

    This past weekend I was fortunate enough to have an amazing experience of Christian community at the Shalom music festival at Jacobs Well retreat in Murrayville, VIC.

  • Coastal Joy part 1 & 2 - Acrylic on Board

    These pieces were inspired by the word Joy and what it means to me. As an avid surfer I get a lot of Joy just getting into the ocean and catching a few waves.