Kelly Thompson

Press Services International

Kelly Thompson is the newest member of the Sports journalist team. Kelly currently plays AFL for Casey Demons in the VFLW, and practices what she preaches as a HOPE (Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education) Teacher in Melbourne’s southeast.

  • Diamond Perspective

  • God: the worst opponent

  • Power of a story

  • Look Up

    “Look up! Look up! Keep your eyes up!”Was the instructions from my football coach at training one night as we completed ...

  • What is Adventure?

    To scale mountains, climb to great heights, discover the depths of the ocean floor. Humanity, for so many years has had an insatiable hunger to explore. Many explorers have become known for their achievements of ‘firsts’.

  • The AFL Grand Final

    The AFL Grand Final is for some the most coveted game of the year of any sporting code. Find someone who thinks this way and you generally are talking to someone from AFL-Central; Melbourne. Marked by ‘speckies’, watching with a meat pie and tomato sauce in handy, or some ‘footy franks’ at home. To some this game is as Aussie as the Australian Anthem.

  • Lockdown: The great outdoors

    As I write this over 3/4 of the Australian population are in lockdown; Brisbane, New South Wales, Victoria, and Adelaide. For many, it seems it’s “here we go again” as Victorians have tipped just over 190 days in lockdown between 2020 – 2021, that’s over half a calendar year!

  • Olympics: One step away

    The Olympics have just finished, familiar with names you may have heard this year include: Kaylee McKeown (Gold swimming 100m & 200m backstroke, medley relay, freestyle relay), Arianne Titmus (Gold swimming 400m, 200m), Keegan Palmer (Gold skateboarding), Logan Martin (Gold BMX Freestyle) or Nicola McDermott (Silver high jump).

  • Cricket and Kelp. A renewable food source?

    Would you like a side of Chapuline with your next meal?

  • No Hope

    The elusive cup is only ever awarded to one player/team in any sport that is the goal for so many who play sport across the globe. Whilst there is a myriad of reasons to play a team sport one element of these is striving for a win! The ultimate win being a championship or shield.