Kelly Thompson

Press Services International

Kelly Thompson is the newest member of the Sports journalist team. Kelly currently plays AFL for Casey Demons in the VFLW, and practices what she preaches as a HOPE (Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education) Teacher in Melbourne’s southeast.

  • Cricket and Kelp. A renewable food source?

    Would you like a side of Chapuline with your next meal?

  • No Hope

    The elusive cup is only ever awarded to one player/team in any sport that is the goal for so many who play sport across the globe. Whilst there is a myriad of reasons to play a team sport one element of these is striving for a win! The ultimate win being a championship or shield.

  • Skylit Reflections

    As we hit the turn of winter, the mornings come later and the sunsets sooner. Hitting my morning walk gains more and more of changing colours.

  • Melbourne. COVID. Lockdown. Sport.

    This past week those in Melbourne hit lockdown… again.

  • Injuries: Speed hump or Launchpad?

    Watching the sports news there is always mention of the inevitable, injuries. The injury list of a club. Who’s in, who's out, who needs surgery, who may be ready to make a comeback.

  • Is God a Physio?/Ever been to a Physiotherapist?

    If you’ve ever been to a Physiotherapist your visit might be similar to mine. I walked in to see the physio, a pain in my calf during running was inhibiting one of my favourite pastimes and I went in to speak to the expert.

  • Is bottle-flipping a sport?

    “What is the definition of a sport?”

  • AFLW and COVID Can they play together?

    Imagine, you step onto the field, your debut year as a team in the league, and your debut in your dream team as an elite sports player