Kerry-Ann McLeod

Press Services International

Kerry-Ann is a wife, mother, and retired High School Mathematics teacher who loves to write Christian meditations and lead the youth in Bible study. She is a passionate worship leader and a youth ministry coordinator at her church. Currently, she is a member of the Christian Game Development Conference pursuing her vision of creating industry standard Christian entertainment. 

  • The web of temptation

    It flew from one end of the room to the other. It was alert, filled with energy and speed. No one seemed to be able to get hold of it. The fly was having a good run, escaping all our traps until its buzzing annoyance could no longer be heard. It was oblivious to us what had happened to the fly. No one cared; we were just happy it no longer offended us.

  • Shhh... don’t tell, or should you?

    Have you ever noticed that the most unheeded instructions are those that begin with the words “do not”? When a friend says, “don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret; we tend to do just the opposite of what we are told. This is because of our desire to please ourselves and satisfy our curiosity.

  • Independent dependence 

    August 6, 2019. I remember that day like it was yesterday. The vivid image is still engraved in my mind as I sat all alone in the food court desperately thirsting for the Powerade in my bag but with no means to open it.

  • The Jonah endemic

    Engulfed by the raging storm, tossed by the unfriendly embrace of the waves, then swallowed by the giant mammal of the ocean; a fate chosen for Jonah when he tried to flee to Tarshish from the presence of God.

  • All that glitters

    Imagine his predicament when Sir Martin Frobisher ascertained that all his efforts, time, and resources were invested in useless fool’s gold. Instead of the much sought after fortune of gold, he had brought home the comparable mineral, pyrite, which was eventually used as gravel to pave the English roadways.