Latanya Fraser Cato

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Latanya Fraser Cato is an elementary school teacher who enjoys reading and writing poetry. She is currently a Sunday school teacher at her church in Japan and has served on various youth-related ministries both in church and school in her home country Jamaica. She has a passion for counseling and helping others. She has published a book of poems  entitled Soul’s Inspiration which she hopes will assist individuals facing various challenges..

  • Disappointments and Struggles

    Whether it be the health of someone we love, provision, or deliverance from a situation, we would all like to be assured that when we pray our prayers will be answered, especially when it’s something we genuinely desire.

  • A manual or historical book

    We can find many debates about the Bible. Some instructions are easily identified and accepted, while others are considered outdated or misinterpreted. As the world changes, many also expect the word of God to change. Some churches have become accepting or tolerant of things the Bible speaks against.

  • Lord, grant me patience

    'Lord, grant me patience' is a sentence that is said daily, especially when we encounter difficulties with someone or something.

  • Beauty

    People perceive beauty in many ways. Some focus on the outer appearance, while others look inward. Regardless of how we define beauty, most of us want to be considered beautiful by others. Some take it to the extreme.

  • The Word

    We ask many questions about life daily. Why am I here? What’s my purpose? What will tomorrow be like? Why is there so much evil within this world?

  • Spiritual blindness

  • Desiring God

    I was feeling drained, overwhelmed and demotivated. One morning I felt like something needed to be done.

  • Trusting Him

    If I should ask do you trust God, what would your response be?

  • God’s Direction

    Recently I was on an unfamiliar road heading home. I had taken this road a couple of times, but I am terrible with directions.

  • Human Traditions

    We all have traditions that are practised in our countries. In Japan, where I currently reside, many traditions and cultural practices have been passed down through generations