Liana Monaghan

Press Service International

Liana is a passionate and creative soul, living in South Australia and married to her artist husband of 12 years, Justin. Liana is an early childhood educator and also writes, sings, occasionally dances,  loves nature, is a psalmist and runs a women's ministry.

  • Remaining peaceful during storms

    Right now the nations of the world are being shaken. Every single thing that people used to put their security in, seems to be shaking. Our year here in Australia began with intense, widespread fires.

  • Listening to Gods heart

    It was several years ago, in the first light of the day. The clouds were hazy, I was walking the beach and listening for Gods heart as I watched the waves.

  • 3 Keys to my health breakthroughs

    Recently I have come into some significant health breakthroughs. With God’s help I have recovered from some chronic health conditions. I have been through a transformation and inner healing process as well as an outer transformation into greater health.

  • Giants we’re coming for you. It’s our land!

    Many years ago I woke from a powerful dream. In the dream I was walking towards a giant with no fear, praying at full pelt for this giant to be taken down. Ever since, this dream has been burned into my memory as a picture of fiery courage and authority.  

  • Wrestling with God

    Here I am, 32 years old with my last ten years a series of highs and lows. In the worldly sense I have not much to show for my life so far. I have no children, no career success story, no ownership of property, no fancy car. I have not much to show in my outer life, for the inner journey I have travelled.

  • Treasures in the darkness

    I have walked with God for many years. The adventure has been wild. At times I have felt his presence closer than any friend. Other times I have traversed the lowest valleys of sorrow and felt my soul was shattering within me. I understand brokenness. I have had to look unfulfilled dreams in the eye. I have been stretched by God, beyond what I have felt my heart could bear.

  • Community: the antidote for loneliness

    As I sit here all cosy, in our big house near the sea, I reflect that it’s been 9 months since my husband and I moved into a community-living season.  After we moved in with two people who shared our heart for community-living, there was a practical merging that needed to take place; of learning each other, respecting differences and learning to honour each other for who we are.

  • They say pressure makes diamonds…

    We have all been there. That moment when it all seems too hard and we throw our hands up in despair. The moment we feel so much pressure on every side that we just want to scream, ‘it’s not fair God!’ and walk away. We beg God to let up, to change something, to bring breakthrough. Sometimes we want to stop ‘believing’ because our hope feels smashed and we feel tired.

  • The power of intercession

    It is three in the morning here in Hawaii as I write this piece. The rain is falling softly on the beautiful plants outside my door. I have just come in after gazing up at the night stars and marvelling at how the sky seems so similar over here to back home.

  • Are you ready - in body, mind and soul - to run for Jesus?

    God is moving in the land of Australia and as we prepare our hearts to be his vessels we should also be preparing our bodies, minds and souls. I believe that God wants more than just a spiritually healthy church; He wants an army of people who love him and heed his wisdom, voice and his discipline.