Lucy Miles

Press Services International

Lucy Miles can often be found singing or dancing her way through any one particular moment. Such joyous expression is brought forth from her love of the Lord, learning and people. She currently lives in Switzerland and is enrolled in a Ministry and Leadership Development School with Youth with a Mission (YWAM) and is excited to step into a staff role in January of next year.

  • Wear It Like You Mean It

    Clashing patterns, bright leggings and fluorescent tank-tops. These are the slightly horrifying and utterly cringy ...

  • My top mental health maintenance tips and the science to back them up

    In my life I have battled with anxiety and OCD. At times these have seemed completely consuming and at others a more of a background noise.

  • Do we live what we say?

    “Righteousness is a product of our relationship with God not the other way around.”

  • Think less. Do more.

    I’ve written a lot on the topic of overthinking – the downward spiral, head hitting the wall, hide under your blanket in angst kind of overthinking.

  • Looking for a saviour

  • Shut up and KISS!

    You’re comfortably sat amongst the hustle and bustle of dinnertime in an elegantly decorated restaurant.

  • Freed by forgiveness

    Forgiveness. It’s not a word we use often. As people, when someone hurts us, we often tell ourselves to “let it go” and “get over it.” We wash down our self-dialogue with a “they suck anyway” and a long list of reasons why they are morally failures.

  • A Christian’s guide to becoming a better KISSER!

    The hustle and bustle of a small, downtown, inner city street swirls about you. Men, women and children are enthusiastically perusing the treasures of the Saturday morning market.

  • The mountains left unmoved

    Everyone has challenges. The Bible is full of stories of lives marked by hardship. The Bible contains a real and raw account of what its like to live as broken people in a fallen world. In truth, I have found it to be unparalleled amongst literature in its insight into the human state.

  • Take a creative risk

    Creating. It’s a messy, unscripted process. It involves planning, failing, trying, almost getting there, restarting, and occasionally hitting the jackpot on the first try.