Luke Sparrow

Press Service International

Luke Sparrow is the Press Service International senior writer for Christian Today

  • Conquering fear

    Beautiful waves rolled down the point as I slipped into my wetsuit this morning. The air was fresh and the Easter crowds had thinned, leaving only a few of us to brave the South Australian surf break. We paddled out and chatted to the travellers, sharing stories of surf and also recent shark sightings, one only the day prior at a spot where 20 surfers were chased out of the water.

  • The power of narrative - part 2

    In Second Samuel chapter 12 we’re told a fascinating story about a prophet named Nathan who was sent to David to rebuke him for committing adultery and also for murdering the woman’s husband to cover the fact that she was pregnant.

  • The power of narrative

    The phone call came while we were sitting outside after Mothers’ Day lunch. ‘Nanna Vi has died,’ my sister shares.

  • Are you happy?

    I often ask others, ‘Are you happy?’ When I do ask this, I really mean it.