Ma. Krizel Miguel Limun

Press Services International

Ma. Krizel Miguel Limun works as a Grade School Teacher. She is also a Sunday school teacher and is involved in a local church's market evangelism and worship ministry. She is the admin of the Goodness of God Ph Facebook page. She is always creatively inspired by the unfathomable love of God and is hungry for a deeper walk with Jesus.

  • The Royal Blood

    Anxiety, self-pity, fear, doubt, depression, overthinking, or temptation, sometimes we are not aware of who our enemies are. The enemy comes only to steal and kill and destroy. Unknowingly, we can be attacked.

  • Delay is not a denial

    It was a busy day. Since it was five o'clock in the afternoon, everyone seemed to be rushing around. I witnessed some people impatiently moving to another cashier because of the long queue when I was in line at the grocery store.