Manuele Teofilo

Press Service International

Manuele Teofilo lives in South Auckland with his parents and siblings. He has graduated from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Human Service. Now, he works at Elevate Christian Disability Trust. He enjoys getting around in his electric wheelchair and having fun with people.

  • Frustrations of a disability service user

    Being a service user can be frustrating.

  • Get more active

    Going for a run, playing active sports or being active in anyway has many health benefits. Exercising and being active makes us well and prevents illnesses.

  • Troubles of an extrovert Christian with a disability

    Friendships are hard and complicated things that are an essential part of life. I have trouble defining what a friendship is. Although, friendships can be filled with fun, laughter, love and life-giving conversations.

  • Responding to euthanasia

    Before I dive into my take on euthanasia, I want to make a disclaimer.

  • I’m screen fatigued!

    Doing everything online and on a screen is extremely tiring. All I want to do is sleep during lockdown. Believe me, wanting to sleep continuously is not me at all. I believe that I am an outgoing person. I like being busy and getting out and about. Go out shopping or to get a to-do list done. Catch up with friends whenever I can.

  • Knowing valuable information

    Finding out information that is valuable opens our eyes to many possibilities; new possibilities that we didn't see before. Either, we see a way of attempting something we thought we couldn't do or, we discover something very useful to us that we didn't even know existed.

  • We can fight both viruses

    I wait I stand at the top of the cliff and wait! Waiting for a rescue team to come

  • Serving from a wheelchair

    For most of my teenage years, I felt like I wasn't serving in my local church. I even thought that I couldn't serve in any of the ministry team. I didn't know what skills I had that could be used in a ministry team.

  • The personality bible

    For the last month or so, I’ve been doing my own research on personality types. Learning about extroverts and introverts more in depth.

  • Conversations are valuable, all of them

    I was having a conversation with a man that I haven’t really talked to before. Mostly because I am talking with others that I know more when this guy and I are at the same place. He’s busy talking to his friends too, so we don't really have time for a conversation together.