Mark Tronson

Press Service International

Dr Mark Tronson  -  a 4 min video

Chairman – Well-Being Australia

Baptist Minister 44 years

  • 1984  -  Australian cricket team chaplain 17 years (Ret)
  • 2001  -  Life After Cricket (18 years Ret)
  • 2009 -   Olympic Ministry Medal – presented by Carl Lewis
  • 2019  -  The Gutenberg  -  (ARPA Christian Media premier award)  

Gutenberg video  -  2min 14sec

Married to Delma for 44 years with 4 children and 5 grand children

  • Tourism sites and shiver

    There are tourism sites and tourism sites.

  • The theology of Rapture

    A huge number of Christians around the world grew up on the teachings of 'The Rapture' let alone the movies series 'Left Behind' and yet there are on the other hand, voluminous theologians who disagree with this view of the Scripture.

  • Sport and time zones

    My wife Delma of 44 years is an avid tennis television watcher and still plays when opportunity arises in a Tweed Heads mid week social tennis group.

  • A choice of Entities

    Entities are fundamental to the way we live and function in a host of ways.

  • Spring colours -  Tronson du Coudray  

    As a member of the Tweed Heads Chamber of Commerce over many years Tronson du Coudray has presented a painting for the monthly breakfast ‘business card draw’.

  • Double speak and outcomes

    What is double speak? Here are some examples.

  • Sport Art  -  Hockey  

    ‘Hockey’ was one of series of art works by Tronson du Coudray on sport.

  • Hovercraft car

    Whatever happened to the idea of the Hovercraft car?

  • Follow the money

    Whenever controversy in business or politics or church  -  the police and investigators  -  have a first initial response – ‘Follow the money’.

  • The generations – an issue of theology

    The generations is a major Biblical issue – this is a priory theology discussion.