Mark Tronson

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Dr Mark Tronson  -  a 4 min video

Chairman – Well-Being Australia

Baptist Minister 45 years

  • 1984  -  Australian cricket team chaplain 17 years (Ret)
  • 2001  -  Life After Cricket (18 years Ret)
  • 2009 -   Olympic Ministry Medal – presented by Carl Lewis
  • 2019  -  The Gutenberg  -  (ARPA Christian Media premier award)  

Gutenberg video  -  2min 14sec

Married to Delma for 45 years with 4 children and 6 grand children

  • Brian Houston - Hillsong – a different path

    My view is to take the reader on a different path.

  • ‘BEST’ articles coming in

    During Cycle 5 of the 2022 Press Service International (PSI) young writer program in conjunction with Christian Today, each young writer selects their ‘BEST’ article.

  • Constantly in the news  -  Teachers

    Federal budgets have a lot about Education although constitutionally is a State issue and teachers need to do their own homework to get accredited to teach in States other than their own. That's the principle - yet in some situations there are ways to avoid some of the pitfalls.

  • 1st class train travel

    In my 'all thing rail' archive I noticed a article whether it is worth the extra cost going 1st Class on Euro Rail. It's a very interesting article and well worth a read. But what about Australia's rail 1st Class trains journeys.

  • What is at stake - awful consequences

    Some times ago there was a story in the Sydney Morning Herald written by Eamonn Duff titled 'Police investigate frolicking child' and sub-titled 'A family is shattered after an innocent outing turned sour'.

  • Something to broadcast - the Resurrection

    Christians have a specific focus on the death of Jesus on the Cross at Calvary which leads us into an unknown world followed by the resurrection which brings hope and assurance.

  • Sport Memorabilia

    Some items once owned by Don Bradman, went to India after an auction failed to capture local interest, including from the Bradman Museum.

  • Cain Trains

    The Footplate Padre was born and raised in the Mackay region of Queensland which is a huge sugar cane growing area. There were several sugar mills in the region and they were all largely supplied in the fifties by an astonishing 2 foot gauge railway network.

  • The science of population

    Over these past 14 years I have occasionally written on population. I recall mentioning that in 2008 a former missionary (a lady) who spent many years in Bangladesh and who travelled extensively throughout the sub-continent and south east Asia said that Australia could settle 20 million from that region.

  • Philosophy is a winner  

    The Well-Being Australia 'Country Town Tour' program which has run since the mid-eighties has often had long lead-up times as preparations need to be put in place such as youth programs, schools, service clubs, men's breakfasts and dinners and the like.