Mark Tronson

Press Service International

Dr Mark Tronson  -  a 4 min video

Chairman – Well-Being Australia

Baptist Minister 44 years

  • 1984  -  Australian cricket team chaplain 17 years (Ret)
  • 2001  -  Life After Cricket (18 years Ret)
  • 2009 -   Olympic Ministry Medal – presented by Carl Lewis
  • 2019  -  The Gutenberg  -  (ARPA Christian Media premier award)  

Gutenberg video  -  2min 14sec

Married to Delma for 44 years with 4 children and 5 grand children

  • Red stop light – a teacher and a male

    A story – true – hear this out. A South Australian male teacher has warned all young men to stay clear of a teaching career due to unsubstantiated or doubtful claims that might be made against them by female students.

  • Not easy – pulling up a high speed express

    As the Fooptlate Padre and a former locomotive engineman, I am one person who is able to attest that it takes kilometres to bring a train to a halt.

  • Innovations – Science and other things

    This article about some true-blue Aussie scientific and technological innovations.

  • Seven then eight

    A recent Huffington Post article cites the seven most important things for a child to hear. But as a Christian, there is an eighth that is the most important of all.

  • KiwiRail -  finances

  • Editorial decisions

    Christian Editors are faced every day with good options but must select one article for the key feature spot in their publication. More of this later.

  • War then Peace

    Post WWI there was a long armistice from 1918 to 1939 to the European civil war that broke out among its member states in August 1914. This European civil war came to an end when two outsider nations, namely US and Russia met on the Elbe River in May 1945.

  • Four min video  -  Well-Being Australia – a quiet Australian

    A 4 min video has been released produced by Cartia Moore from the Sunshine Coast -  on the ministry of Well-Being Australia – a quiet Australian – Dr Mark Tronson

  • Who are the faint hearted

    1 Thessalonians chapter 5 verse 14, "Encourage the faint hearted, help the weak."

  • Wonderful Christian Reminders

    Christian leaders through the centuries have made profound statements. There are oodles of web site and ministries that featured Christian Quotes and rather than selecting a few I recalled from my seminary years, it became something of a research issue where to begin and what one might dare to leave out.