Mhairi-Bronté Duncan

Press Services International

  • Mhairi-Bronté Duncan plays Curling for New Zealand and uses her experiences as an athlete to inspire her writing.

  • Prepare to Proclaim

    Opportunities can slip out of our hands in an instant but they can also be thrust upon us out of nowhere. The question is are you ready to let them go whilst simultaneously being prepared to catch them?

  • Values worth more than gold

  • Visualising Success

    The concept of visualisation evolved out of the self-empowering 1960s, the ability to manifest one's own success through thought alone appealed to the masses in its simplicity.

  • Undeserved

    What do you do when you’re given something you didn’t earn? 

  • Comparison trap

    Coaches are now being told that they should praise players who have good technique instead of pointing out poor technique in others.

  • Stretching for the truth!

    Stiffening joints and strained muscles are not just for the elderly. Athletes inflict a tremendous amount of pressure on their bodies in order to perform.

  • Supporting success

    Given the current world’s economic crisis due to Covid19 you would think the Olympics would be the last thing to suggest. However, the Olympics has become a symbol of unity and overcoming the challenges of Covid19.

  • Raising the bar

    With the world already in turmoil over Covid19, a documentary about the   abusive culture in USA gymnastics almost went unnoticed. Athlete A is a heart reaching documentary describing the neglect and abuse young girls suffered for years due to USA gymnastics not wanting to damage their image.

  • Where do we draw the line?

    Drug doping is sadly so common in elite sports that every year dozens of athletes test positive resulting in the loss of titles and temporary if not life long bans from the sport.

  • Uncertainty

    Coronavirus has caused the deterioration of the very fabric that binds the global sporting world together. Entire countries have sealed themselves off from the rest of the world and forced people to remain indoors. No world war achieved this on a global scale. We have entered into the unknown.