Miranda Menelaws

Press Service International

Miranda Menelaws is a Canadian freelance writer. During her spare time, she can be found travelling the globe in search of a new story to tell, or writing about her adventures on her blog.

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  • Missionary Mindset in the Everyday

    Only a few short years ago, I was considered a full-time missionary and spent much of my time surrounded by other Christians who were actively living out the lifestyle that comes alongside mission-related work.

  • My boring testimony

    Growing up in church, I remember loving the Sundays where instead of the usual sermon, members from the church would share their testimonies with the congregation.

  • Comment: Does God cause trials?

    There are many situations and trials we go through in life, that are confusing, upsetting and just plain hard.

  • What we can learn from Jesus’ life before His ministry

    Entering my twenties, I’ve faced loads of moments of uncertainty, specifically in regards to career paths in combination with my life’s purpose and ministry

  • Guideposts for finding God’s will

    I’m unsure if this is just a symptom that comes along with being in my twenties, but I’ve often caught myself agonising over what God’s plan is as of late.

  • How do our fathers affect our view of our Heavenly Father?

    Without a doubt, no matter your religious upbringing, you’ve heard God be referred to as our Father at some point or another.

  • Wearing my listening ears

    We’ve all gone through phases in our walks with the Lord where He feels far away.

  • Rest versus relaxation

    “God, what is with me?” I cry again and again. My fiance hands me a chocolate and slowly steps away. I’m embarrassed to say God and I have exchanged in this dialogue many times before.

  • How does God fit in with finances?

    Recently, I’ve become very interested in financial planning. Budgeting, looking to long-term goals, and building savings.

  • God’s timing in a world of instant gratification

    What I’m about to say is nothing you haven’t heard before. People in this modern age want everything and they want it now.