Natasha Young

Press Services International

Natasha Young is an accountant and mother of one from the land of wood and water (Jamaica) in the West Indies who feels like she has missed her true calling which was to have become a teacher, or writer/director (or all of the above!). She is the only person she knows who works with numbers everyday but had English as a favourite subject in school. The most used app on her phone is Kindle so you know what that means. She is a lover of music and can oftentimes be heard belting on the top of her voice even though singing is not a talent of hers. But ultimately, she is just a sinner saved by grace who believes we all have a responsibility to use our gifts for the growth of God’s people and His glory.

  • Knowing God  -  Part 1

  • Build me a mansion

    I was having a conversation with a friend a couple weeks ago and he told me about this song that his mom always had an issue with. I had never heard the song before and he only remembered the line, “build me a cabin in the corner of glory land”.

  • Anchored

    It is a particularly tough time for mankind right now.

  • A child shall lead them

    My seven-year-old daughter has this habit of standing on the bed when I am about to walk past and jumping off onto my back or into my arms. She does this fully expecting that I'm going to catch her whether or not I invited the jump.