Paul Lewis

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Paul Lewis is a Staff Worker for Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship in Kingston Jamaica, where he also resides. He has aspirations of becoming a Christian Apologist and he loves reading especially topics like: History, Philosophy and Theology. You can follow him on twitter @VeritasDeiVinci

  • The true answer to our questions – Part 2

  • The true answer to our questions

  • Giving an answer

  • How should we then live?

    In my previous articles “Shades of Grey” 1 and 2, I looked at the idea of how morality is viewed by a lot of people in our society. They see it as: situational, relative and even circumstantial. People who think this way often see the converse way of thinking as impossible and unrealistic.

  • A King Men did not crown and cannot destroy

    In my previous article I asked if it is reasonable to conclude that ‘Jesus is the only way.’ I concluded that an absolute and exclusive statement is very reasonable, making the real and reasonable question to then ask: is it true?

  • How reasonable is it to say Jesus is the only way?

    I have been a Christian now for approximately 16 years; one question never gets old and is always being asked.

  • Shades of Grey? Part 2

    In the last article I spoke about where we are as a society, where we judge things on a subjective basis rather than objective truth. I introduced the topic through an episode of a particular television show.

  • Shades of Grey? Part 1

    Recently I watched an episode of Law and Order Special Victims Unit (SVU) - one of the most popular shows in the long list of Dick Wolf’s creations.

  • What are we to make of suffering part 2

    In my previous article I closed by stating some truths that I believe to be evident about God using supporting texts in the scriptures.

  • What are we to make of suffering Part 1

    Famed theologian and Pastor, Tim Keller in the opening chapter of his book Walking with God through pain and suffering made the following statement, ‘suffering is everywhere, unavoidable and its scope often overwhelms’.