Peter Nelson

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Peter Nelson the Australian Institute of Sport chaplain for 29 years (Ret), 1996 Atlanta and 2000 Sydney Olympics Chaplain. Peter’s story

  • Day 14 of the Tokyo Olympics

    Being a coach is a tough gig. Your destiny is tied up with your teams’ performances. A coach must be a multi-skilled operative. They are an expert in their chosen sport, on top of all the technical details, an instructor, a tactician, a motivator, a psychologist, a counsellor, a manager of people, a confessor, an authoritarian, a friend, a CEO yet servant to the club and players.

  • Day 12 of the Tokyo Olympics

    One of the great men I have had the privilege of meeting in life was Ron Williams. Ron was an Aboriginal elder and evangelist who travelled all over Australia, bringing the good news of Jesus to all. Ron was the father of Lydia, accomplished goalkeeper for the Matilda’s (the Australian Women’s Football team).

  • Day 9 of the Tokyo Olympics

    After winning the women’s 20/20 World Cricket Cup the headline in the newspaper stood out so boldly “JOY IS THE AUSTRALIAN’S SECRET WEAPON.” The player of the match, Alyssa Kealy, said that the joy of essentially playing for fun was something she valued.

  • Day 5 of the Tokyo Olympics

    If anyone tells you “sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me,” don’t believe them! Words are like bullets that can puncture the thickest skin and pierce the hidden soul.

  • Day 2 of the Tokyo Olympics

    Drowning In Honey - “It is not good to eat much honey. Nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory.” Proverbs 25:27