Petro Lancaster

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Petro Lancaster is a school counselor in-training and a newlywed wife to her husband, Ansen, who is a worship pastor at their church in Ohio. Originating from South Africa and growing up in New Zealand has given Petro a love for all things sport and travel, and a heart for the importance of community. Writing is Petro’s way of making sense of the world around her and expressing the words God places on her heart.

  • Living next door to Alice

    I recently did a big, scary thing. I left my little island home and moved to a tiny town surrounded by corn fields to complete my post-graduate studies.

  • Enough

    Church language is, at its best, problematic. It is difficult to understand, almost impossible to explain, and often incorrectly interpreted.

  • I am Jonah.

    Is it a push or a pull? One of the biggest questions I have ever been asked.

  • Choose joy – hit snooze

    I am extraordinarily late to the bandwagon, but I recently discovered something revolutionary – the snooze button.

  • Breathe. Don’t miss it.

    Breathe. Don’t miss it.

  • Convenient cross

    The Microwave Generation is sadly the reality we are living in, flavoured with entitlement, self-satisfaction and impatience. I think we can all freely admit that we have all bought into the culture of instant satisfaction.

  • Incoming: new friend request

    Friendship in millennial circles is a somewhat bizarre concept. Often it begins with a click and a flash on a screen, other times on a night you cannot remember.

  • Russian doll

    Reflecting on years gone by, I often imagine each season as a different version of myself characterised by life events, accomplishments and lessons, and a Taylor Swift song. My life then hangs, a string of polaroid snapshots of what seems to be a different girl.

  • The Original

    Original. There is something about the first of something. The new versions may be grander and more efficient, but they will never hold the place of the first. That original awe that develops into sentiment upon reflection.

  • Choosing you

    Growing up in a Christian home, I’ve learnt many fundamental truths. I've learnt that I am made in God’s image. I’ve learnt that I have been given free will. Lastly, I've learnt that I, as a woman, am one of father Abraham’s many sons.