Prakash Primulpathi

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I disciple university students in the University of Canterbury through the Navigators while currently working towards a Master of Divinity. Outside of this, my wife and I enjoy rock climbing and going on adventures with our dog.

  • Sheep without a Shepherd

    I was recently chatting with a friend in Wellington over breakfast and we were chatting about how life develops in stages.

  • Flourishing in a Dry and Weary Land

    As I’ve been meditating and thinking on what to write this month, I felt compelled to expand on my previous article (which can be found here). The primary driver of this was my own life over the past month, which can be summarised quite well by Dallas Williard:

  • Life in a Dry and Weary Land

    When the Bible paints a picture of a thriving tree planted by a stream of water in Psalm 1 – do you feel that accurately describes your life? I know I don’t see myself in that picture. I long to thrive, more than just survive.

  • Exiles and Exodus

    Our home has been under renovation, and we have been out of our home since March. It’s an odd feeling to see your home but know that you are unable to return there or to live there.

  • Loving despite the distance

    This past month has been an enlightening one for me. Coming off the back of Easter, I was notified one of my closest friends had come down with COVID. In the desire to care for my friend, I reached out.

  • Order amidst disorder

    We recently had to move out of our house, and I was struck by how much clutter had accumulated throughout our space. I was even more shocked by how little we were aware of it until we had to clean it up, and it was so much harder than anticipated.

  • Unity among squabbling siblings

    I recently went with a friend to his church’s social down at our local beach. I didn’t think much of it at the time, and it was a fun experience getting to meet fellow brothers and sisters whom I didn’t know.