Rev Bob Thomas

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Rev Bob Thomas, Melbourne, retired editor of New Life fortnightly evangelical newspaper of 20 years and a former Moderator General of the Victorian Presbyterian Churches and honoured with an invitation to be part of Billy Graham's funeral in the US. Bob Thomas is involved with the Banner of Truth and the MC of the annual mission’s media seminars 'One Day in Melbourne'. He is married to Alison they have two children, seven grand children and one great grand child.   

  • I Remember … When Christians Fared Well At College

    My only taste of secular tertiary education was in 1962,63 at Wagga Teachers College. It was a vastly different era to the present time.

  • Making the most of the Bible

    Someone recently asked me, “What are ‘the means of grace’?” It’s a good question and when you think about it, God has many ways in which he helps us get to know him better and work and witness for him more effectively.

  • Lines Written Above Earth While Flying From Melbourne To London

    Tom Blunden, our history teacher at Newcastle Boys’ High School used to decry the fact that the school’s curriculum was structured in such a way that we could take either history or geography, but not both because, he said, ‘Geography is the stage on which history is played out.’