Roden Meares

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Roden Meares enjoys playing basketball, reading comics and going to the gym. He has a passion for evangelising and helping others in their faith through writing.

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  • What is a disciple?

    What is a disciple?  It may seem like an elementary question, but,  it can clarify a great deal. The most basic questions are filled with profound truth.

  • Continued forgiveness

    One of the most insidious things we face in this Christian walk is the hidden enemy of unforgiveness. It operates like a snake in the grass. Like a blood-sucking leech, it drains life from us.

  • God loves the garbage man

  • The cycle of mundane labour

    We are in an age of mass production. We can produce consumer goods at a startlingly rate. Unfortunately for some, this requires mundane labour to be performed.

  • Jesus’ response to doubt

  • Jesus’ manifold example

  • The variety of a healthy prayer life

    There seems to be a constant revolving process of calling people to pray, them experiencing an initial burst, only to be followed by a regression to where they first began.

  • Biblical Catharsis

    For every believer, there is the threat of being toppled by strong emotions. Life’s challenges engender a variety of emotional reactions. These can derail any believer. Anger, guilt, sadness, anxiety, rejection are the culprits. But these emotions don’t have to distance us from God, they can pave the way into deeper levels of relationship.

  • The tension in truth

    Truth isn’t as black and white as we may think.

  • Praying for your pastor