Rose-Ann Durant

Press Services International

Rose-Ann Durant is a young Christian from Kingston, Jamaica, who is currently living in Barbados. She is the 2021 Basil Sellers International (18-30) Awardee  and in August 2021, became a contributing writer for Victorious By Design, a digital and print media group that seeks to encourage women of all ages to walk victoriously into all that God has called them.  In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going to the beach, river, and spending time outdoors. 

  • The love in His discipline

    At a Mother’s Day function at church recently, a church brother in a tribute to his mother, mentioned that when he was younger, she would discipline him whenever he misbehaved.

  • He paid it all!

    “How deep the Father’s love for us, How vast beyond all measure,

  • Nurturing our relationship with God

    Sometime last year I decided to start my own garden on the patio, in pots. At first, it was going well, and I can recall my excitement as I saw the first flower bud sprouted and later developed into a small green sweet pepper.

  • Plan it

    Usually at the start of every new year, people will make resolutions and create vision boards highlighting the goals ...

  • Flying with our Father

    I recently heard a story of a man who was on a plane returning home from a business trip in another country. It was a long flight, so he decided to lean back, close his eyes, and get some rest.

  • Invisible gifts

  • Mental health-no joke!

  • Back to Him

    I was having a conversation recently with two close friends of mine about hymns. One is not a big fan of hymns and believes that most of them are outdated and unrelatable.

  • From the inside out

    The other day, while my husband and I were at the gas station, we decided to use the drive-through car wash because the car was extremely dirty, and we had not been able to find the time to wash it. As we sat in the car and waited, I watched as the car was lathered, washed, rinsed and dried.

  • As unto the Lord

    Recently, I lost a friend who died suddenly from complications with Covid-19. Her unexpected death sent shock waves throughout the church community and among her friends and family. As we met together to reflect on her life and the memories we shared with her, one thing was evident: she gave her best in everything she did.