Shane Rowney

Press Services International

Shane Rowney is currently living on the Gold Coast attending a local church. He enjoys surfing, gym and music but most of all spending time with his Father.

  • Start again like Zerubbabel

    I want to briefly talk to you about Zerubbabel. When the Israelites were returning from captivity from the Babylonians, Zerubbabel was put in charge of rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. The foundation was laid through his leading and then some difficulties arose, opposition came from the Samaritans and all work on the temple stopped. 

  • Little God moments that aren’t so little

    I've been thinking about how God comes through in the little things and how much those little things mean. At the church I go to there is a key needed to get into the basement to park the car and go up to different levels in the elevator.

  • Works will not work

    Do you know that Jesus loves you, without a doubt? I did not. Do you know that this love that I speak of is not based on what we have done but wholly on who Jesus is?