Tom Anderson

Press Service International

Tom Anderson is pioneering, an online church plant supported by his in-person church, Catalyst, Ipswich. He has a young, growing family and enjoys playing backyard sport. Tom is a keen long-distance runner, averaging 21km each day last year. He has worked as a teacher for eleven years and enjoys perfecting a flat white on his home espresso machine. Tom would welcome a visit for a coffee some time… or an online catch-up via Zoom. See the Haven Together website to get in touch.

  • Finding a loving God in the violent parts of the Old Testament

    There is no denying that there are some unsettling passages in the Old Testament. I remember the first time I read Psalm chapter 137, verse 9, where the psalmist calls the one who dashes the babies of Babylon against the rocks blessed.

  • Marks on the heart

    The human heart has a great capacity for love. But it can only really love one thing supremely. I have had a few different loves of this type over the course of my life, and once something or someone has a hold on you like that, it’s not easy to let it go. Even if it’s ripped away without your choice, you will still try and hang on.

  • How to conquer temptation with God’s Word and technology

    Do you feel powerless against your own selfish desires?

  • The red door of heaven

    I love red doors. For me, there’s just something right about a house with a red door. And as it turns out, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

  • Trapped

    I had to vacate an old office space at short notice this week. This’ll be easy, I thought. I’ll just pop in this afternoon, put everything into a box and take it to my car.

  • Run to win

    I’ve been having some doubts.

  • Do it your way

    My young family enjoys playing a game called Loot, which involves ‘floating’ out merchant ships carrying various amounts of gold and then attacking these ships with different pirate boats.

  • Choose the best flowers

    I’m a thrifty person.

  • Finding your fit

    I sometimes feel I have to be all things. Do everything. Be a complete person.

  • Deviations from the perfect life

    I’m suspicious that life should be simpler than I make it... that I make things unnecessarily difficult for myself.