Travis Barnes

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Travis Barnes lives in central Victoria with his wife and two daughters. He is a contributor for Christian Today and a sportswriter.

  • Day 8 of the Tokyo Olympics

    Jana Pittman was the best hurdler in the world. In 2003 and again in 2007 she won the 400-meter hurdles world championships. Unfortunately for Pittman during a warmup event for the 2004 Olympics, she tore cartilage in her right knee.

  • Day 6 of the Tokyo Olympics

    Kim Brennan was a young athlete with plenty of potential and a dream to compete in the Olympic Games. Leading up to the 2004 Olympics she was the second-fastest hurdler over 400 meters in Australia.

  • Day 3 of the Tokyo Olympics

  • Uncertainty is the new normal

    The Kodak company was once synonymous with photography. The company was founded in 1892 and dominated the photography market throughout the 20th century. It was once common to describe a picture-perfect opportunity as a ‘Kodak moment.’

  • The Lockdown Olympics

    I love the Olympics, as a kid I was a walking-talking Olympic encyclopedia. In preparation for the 2020 games Jeremy Dover, Peter Nelson and myself embarked on an exciting project; collaborating to write a sports devotional called The Spirit of Victory.

  • The Grumpy Teacher

    I remember my first day as a teacher. Years of study and sacrifice had gone into making this dream a reality. I was ready to shape the minds of the next generation, with creative teaching methods that would captivate their imagination.

  • Travis’ Ten Pin Tantrum

    I always enjoyed going Ten Pin bowling with my family but one time, when I was fourteen, my family did not enjoy bowling with me. This video is about the time I went bowling, had a massive tantrum, completely embarrassed my family, and still went home a winner!

  • 15 minutes of fame

    Captain Sir Tom Moore was a British army officer during the second world war serving in India and Burma. After the war, Sir Tom ran a concreting company, enjoyed motorbiking, and otherwise lived a life of obscurity.

  • Travis Tonightly News

    During the COVID lockdowns in 2020 many Churches found themselves scrambling to find ways to continue to minister to their Church communities.

  • Giants of Judgement

    Do you drink tea? There are many different kinds.