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Vic Matthews, has three degrees B.Optom, B.Arts & B. Christian Studies. Is available as a Guest Speaker for your next Church conference or camp. He is a fledgling author, and copywriter.

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  • Here’s why you don’t pray!

    Can I ask you a question? And let’s be honest with each other. There’s no one else in the room looking over your shoulder right now. It’s just you, me and your device. So, I can ask you, How often do you pray?

  • Is orthodoxy slowly killing us?

    Did you know that Church attendance in the Western world has been in slow decline for decades? (Well that mostly applies to traditional denominations, the Pentecostal denominations are growing a little.)

  • Scotty from Marketing…@ACC Convention

    Christian leaders and media wasted not a moment in stating their unabashed support and rapturous applause for our Pentecostal PM, after his recent rock-star appearance at the Australian Christian Churches conference, held on the Gold Coast.

  • Kids wearing purple and paedophilia …. yikes

    It comes around every year in August, so it can’t be Christmas (last I heard that was in December or did someone change the date?), and in case you’re on a bullet train or just sleep walking through life.

  • Court/ing the Antichrist...aka Danny

    If you were looking for a leader in Australian politics, whose primary role in government is to oppose the will of the God who created the universe and in so doing exalt himself, then Danny Andrews wins hands down.

  • Free money $$$…I’m in…(well, maybe not) 

    Getting free money from the government sounds crazy, right? Well, it’s not as crazy as it seems. In fact, it’s already happening. No, I’m not talking about Jobkeeper, Jobseeker and the other exotic number of pensions the government provides. Rather I’m referring to the rollout of the ominous CBDC.

  • Teleology ……the Atheist’s Nightmare  

    Our mate, Prof Richard Dawkins said

  • Don’t blame me…it was my frontal cortex

    I stumbled over a profound scientific fact the other day (while doing research for my 3rd book -  a reminder my 1st two books are on sale), which has far reaching implications for Christian parenting.

  • The Truth…just hurt my truth

    In our New World, where outrage culture abound we need to weigh our words carefully. Lest a statement of fact should offend the sensibilities of a group somewhere, watching our every move on social media or in other dangerous habitats.

  • Boys will be boys ……hmm maybe!

    The statement ‘Boys Will be Boys’ implies that some slack needs to be cut when judging male risk-taking behaviour. You know, the playful, no-harm-done stuff, like racing motor bikes, playing footy, climbing trees, jumping off ropes into rivers, falling off skateboards and the many other acts of bravado that blokes like to do, which sometimes lands them in the hospital emergency ward on Saturday arvo.