Ngezandla Zethu Project Update

Ngezandla Zethu Project Update

We have been seeing some fantastic outcomes from AE’s Ngezandla Zethu project in South Africa. 35 women and 3 men have enrolled in the 2021 Sewing and Fashion Design Program..

  • Main stream

    In 2008 the then 'Christian Today' editor sought me out as a columnist, and then shortly afterwards, as a theological and philosophical advisor. Over these past years it has also been my privilege to introduce a team of young sports writers, followed by young Comment writers and then, a team of New Zealand and International young writers.

  • Archbishop commends unity in mission

    Archbishop Fredrick Maaka has commended the recent mission week in Uganda by African Enterprise, saying “the many souls that came to the kingdom is a great testimony.”

  • Green season – marketing strategy

    This not about the ‘big wet’ of SE Queensland and New South Wales.

  • AE Gives Thanks and Prayers for Its Supporters

    We we’re early 2022, we want to thank all our faithful supporters for donations, prayers and partnerships that has enabled us to take the Gospel into Africa this year.

  • Laguna Quays Respite big year ahead  

    The Whitsundays Laguna Quays Respite coordinated by Well-Being Australia for missions is expecting a big year ahead in 2022.

  • Australian young writers

    The 2022 Australian young writer program is shaping up well and we invite young people 18-30 interested in a monthly column in Christian Today to contact us (see details below).

  • International young writers set 1 July

    The Press Service International program has three distinctive young writer groups – Australia, New Zealand and Internationals.

  • The AE vision that has led to this day – by Michael Cassidy

    I guess the very heart of the AE vision that has brought us to this great sixtieth anniversary day would lie in the very nature, context and wording of the Lords clear call to me in Madison Square Garden in 1957 during the Billy Graham New York crusade (photo).

  • Christian exhaustion

    There has been a spate of media announcements of notable people simply being 'exhausted' with whatever was going on 'around them' and either quit, did something outrageous or some other (stupid) thing.

  • Touching lives - Zomba Leadership Mission

    It was a moment of complete surrender. Ruth stepped out from the crowd and towards the AE preacher. She answered the alter call and gave herself fully to Jesus. She repented before Him and experienced His life saving forgiveness for the first time.

  • 2 articles a year great success

    Press Service International young writer program in conjunction Christian Today  -  last year  -  developed a new program for former young writers  -  who were unable to retain the demands of writing every 5 weeks  -  but could do two articles a year.