Amos Sale

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Amos is an evangelical conservative, who cares about where the world is going, and seeks to understand why it is happening, especially in light of prophecy and the spiritual powers behind the scenes. Amos currently lives in Auckland New Zealand. Amos pursues salvation for the lost, and considers himself a defender of traditional Christian values, liberal democracy and the historically unprecedented freedom and liberty established and defended by our forebears—which unfortunately, is gradually being eroded.Amos Sale previous articles may be viewed at

  • Trial and triumph

    Often in the work place you have to deal with power politics and passive-aggressive colleagues or customers who undermine, backstab, gossip and bully. People might besmirch you to the boss; demean you accusingly by the tone of their voice; reprimand you over trivial and petty things, just so they can feel powerful and in control, and or advance themselves in the workplace—not to mention other emotionally abusive behaviours.

  • Guaranteed trials

    When you get beaten down repeatedly it can be hard to recover that spring in your step again, that once vibrant personality and positive outlook. Things can seem grim, like we're just waiting for the next bad thing to happen. The beaten down person finds it difficult to be optimistic and positive about the future.

  • Do unto me

    Do unto me but not unto thee.

  • Pleasing God

    Focus on the things that matter.

  • Overcoming and loving the psychos

    Many of our obstacles, trials and adversaries are opportunities in disguise. Waiting for us to grapple with them in order to grow our character, strength, patience and resilience.

  • The reality of hope

    Imagine a world where all Christians were drab, serious and austere, without a sense of humour. In such a world the Church would have virtually no positive influence on anyone, since part of our job as the body of Christ is to exhibit hope to the world, as salt and light.

  • Global Government 

    Globalism, one-worldism, post-nationalism, no borders, global-citizen... All these identifiers and slogans stem from the movement and plan to abolish the sovereignty of the nation-state. To concentrate that sovereignty and power into the hands of a small group of very rich and powerful people somewhere far away.

  • 2019 social sanctions and speech controls

    What do we see on television news casts. Under the guise of radical progressives and their intellectual book-burning agenda we see outrages.

  • God, the genocidal sky dictator? 

    God doesn't exist because the bible is full of atrocities ordered and comitted by God. Or your God is described as perfect but He does evil things in the bible, therefore the God of the bible is a fraud and probably doesn't exist.

  • Collective Guilt

    Should nations, ethnic and religious groups feel collectively guilty for the deeds of their predecessors?