Anna Waite

Press Service International

Anna Waite hails from Brisbane, Australia.  She enjoys travel, good coffee and getting to hang out with awesome people from around the world!

  • How can I fight for gender equality?

    Feminism! The fight for equality!  International Women’s Day!

  • Smashing pottery and perfection.

    Do you ever feel like you have to be perfect all the time?  I don’t know about you, but I often feel a real sense of pressure to not make mistakes.

  • Happiness with a side of sad

    Despite my best attempts to hide the fact, I have to admit that I’m a sucker for a happy ending. In fact, if my chosen form of entertainment doesn’t have a satisfyingly cheery finish, I’m often left wondering why I bothered!

  • Navigating conflict well

    Is there anything as uncomfortable as having to tell your hairdresser that you love what they’ve done, when on the inside you wish you’d never let them near your precious hair?

  • When the world is getting you down

    I recently listened to a radio program discussing renewable energy, climate change and land clearing in Australia. It was a lively debate focused mainly on natural gas and whether it is the miracle solution to reducing greenhouse gasses it’s touted to be. 

  • The benefits of the benefit of the doubt

    What now feels like a lifetime ago, I went to university to study law.  After receiving the usual generalised education one gets at high school, I was suddenly thrust into a world that revolved around this one (admittedly complex) subject. Life became all about facts, suppositions, judicial findings and the minutiae of legislation.  

  • Building Lego, and perseverance

    I have an obsession. It has consumed my life for the last month since I discovered it. It’s not a secret, but the people closest to me aren’t particularly pleased about it…

  • Surviving winter blues

    With cardigans and woolly knits appearing in abundance, hot water bottles being dug out of cupboards and foggy windows misting during drives home, it’s obvious that we’re now well and truly into the winter season. 

  • Disturbing fashion

    In 2013, in Dhaka Bangladesh, an eight story building housing a bank, apartments, shops and garment factories collapsed, killing 1,134 and injuring 2,500 more.

  • Transform your labels

    'What's your Myers-Briggs personality type?' It was our first proper date and the question came out as we were driving to dinner.