Anna Waite

Press Service International

Anna Waite hails from Brisbane, Australia.  She enjoys travel, good coffee and getting to hang out with awesome people from around the world!

  • Friendship bingo

    Making friends as an adult is acknowledged to be tricky business. Perhaps you’ve moved to a new city or state or maybe it’s your friends who have been slowly migrating away.

  • Carry me

    Occasionally as a pre-workout warmup at my gym we have to carry someone from one end of the floor to the other.

  • Behold

    During one of my festive phases last week when I was casually devouring any and all Christmas items that I could get my hands on, I opened an article titled, ‘People Prefer Badly Wrapped Gifts’. Honestly, as someone who likes their gifts to look homemade chic, it was a bit of an affront. Apparently the hours I had spent putting beautiful white spots on brown paper with a paint pen were all for nothing. 

  • Finding inspiration

    There’s a great black and white picture I saw a number of years ago that simply says ‘how to annoy your designer friends’. There’s no image, but the words are so poorly spaced and incorrectly aligned that it’s guaranteed to set the teeth of anyone who knows anything about design on edge! 

  • Let God define you

    'What's your Myers-Briggs personality type?' It was our first proper date and the question came out as we were driving to dinner. Maybe he knew me well enough to know that I would know what my Myers-Briggs type was. Or maybe it was some sort of test to see how emotionally developed I was.

  • In difficult times, keep on keeping on

    There were huge wooden boxes everywhere, ropes hanging from the ceiling, people upside down against the back wall and not a weights machine in sight.

  • What to do when you’re not excellent at anything?

    Is it okay to be good at lots of things but not excel at one? Throughout my childhood and into my adult years this was a question I frequently asked myself. I was the girl who was ok at most things, but never really shone in one area. My spare time has seen a comprehensive career of just about every hobby known to mankind. 

  • What we do in the shadows

    In 2014 the team behind Flight of the Conchords quietly released themockumentary‘What we do in the Shadows'. An inside look at the life of four vampires who live together in a flat in Wellington, New Zealand, the movie found much of its humour in contrasting cultural vampire tropes with the mundanities and failures of these particular creatures of the night.

  • Why do we hesitate to be kind?

  • The magic of nostalgia

    There’s something special about rediscovering a forgotten piece of childhood.  Stumbling across a box of old toys or seeing a familiar book title in a second-hand store is often the start of a magical journey of memories and emotions.