Anneque Bennett

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Anneque Bennett is a vying, industrious, persistent and gallant young virtuous woman of God from Jamaica, West Indies. Her dexterity births creativity cocooned by flexibility. She possesses an eye for complexity and a magnitude of focus to complete tasks and assist others in every possible way. She loves to communicate and interact with youths on different levels and share in their experiences and serves as a mentor and youth empowerment leader. She engages heavily in promoting and marketing different products: where she also serves as a host/emcee and at times, public speaker. She finds outdoor very amusing and love to bask in nature as she puts pen to paper. She enjoys road trips, hiking and documenting each moment through fun pictures and videos and her best friend – a purple journal. #Adventure

  • Tank on E!

    A few weeks ago, my cousin started her podcast (Uncut with Judean) and if I have learned anything, it would have to be that transparency is confronting the deepest and darkest parts of your being or exterior relations with truth, love and honesty even if it may hurt or disturb the growing nature of a façade.

  • Crushing olives

    The pulverizing, triturating, pressing and grinding of 2020 has prolonged into 2021.

  • I am not afraid

    Fear is the Jezebel that bamboozles us that we do not possess the ability to achieve a goal or task. Fear is the boulder along life’s journey that seems immovable but only requires a forklift. Fear is the mirrored silhouette that traps you in an oubliette of self-doubt, anxiety, disbelief and what-ifs?

  • The Rebel in Me

    Unpopular Opinion: Rebellion is not bad. It is just an act of or for change.

  • Eyes on the Prize

  • Christmas and Beyond

  • Evaluate to Experience

  • Poised for New Beginnings

    From childhood, September has been programmed within us or marked to be seen as a season of new beginnings, of change, of celebrating growth and of course, navigating an unknown level.

  • Bound like two indivisible atoms

    Dalton’s atomic theory laments the indivisibility of two different atoms joining to produce magnificence in unseen ways. It is this dichotomous attraction that births the thought of oneness and congruence to fulfil a purpose.

  • The glass ceiled dungeon

    As a “PK” – Pastor’s Kid – I have often been told by others that I am destined to become a “first lady” (pastor’s wife), like my mother. Persons have also predicted that I am destined to mother and nurture kids. However, those persons who speculated, would not usually ask me what I wanted.