Ashea West

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Ashea West is a Doctor of Medicine, which she recently completed after studying in Grenada and New York. She is from Manchester, Jamaica and had left her hometown to chase her dreams in the medical field. She is passionate about sharing the gospel, using whatever opportunities she is given. “I do believe in blooming wherever I am transplanted”.

  • When God says No.

    What do you do when God says no?

  • Alone

    “I have had enough Lord,” he said, “Take my life, I am no better than my ancestors.” 1Kings 19:4. These were the words of Elijah right after he had performed one of the greatest miracles in the Bible.

  • We might be crazy.

    The other day at work I was informed of a situation where a patient was deemed psychotic because she was “raging war against spirits that were coming to attack her baby”.

  • Bethesda

    One definition of the word Bethesda means “House of mercy or grace” but it could also mean “shame or disgrace”. The same word has two different meanings, but I look at John 5:1-15 and it all makes sense.

  • Visions

    When we hear the term vision, we tend to think of it from a spiritual perspective. But everyone who has ever achieved greatness in life had a vision of what they wanted to do.

  • J-O-Y

    Do you remember that children’s song, “J-O-Y, joy in the holy ghost”? I remember singing this song as a child during our sabbath class recitals. We would all belt on top of our lungs, “Don’t let nobody steal you joy!” But then we grow up and we forget what joy is. We forget the feeling of just being happy.

  • I Need you to survive

    At the starting of the pandemic, I didn’t mind the separation. We all got to avoid those awkward hugs from people we barely knew, or from those we weren’t sure if there were a hugger or not.

  • Basic Life Support (BLS)

    The American Heart Association teaches BLS so that participants should be able to recognize severe life-threatening emergencies, and give the appropriate compressions and ventilations to bring back life.

  • Don’t be a Rachel

    I don’t want to be a Rachel.

  • Sleeping through the Storm

    I often wonder what Jesus’ state of mind was when he decided to take a nap on the boat knowing a storm was brewing.