Ashea West

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Ashea West is a third-year medical student from Manchester, Jamaica studying in the USA. I am passionate about sharing the gospel, using whatever opportunities I am given. I do believe in blooming wherever I am transplanted.

  • Therapy sessions with God

    Imagine walking into an office: the walls are painted white and the aroma of fresh cut flowers is in the air. The receptionist greets you with a warm smile and leads you to the doctor’s office.

  • Job’s enlightenment

    We all go through some form of Job’s experience, but do we get Job’s enlightenment?

  • Y.O.L.O.

    I recently saw a post that asked, “What line do you use before making a bad decision?” And I instantly thought “YOLO!” You only live once so why not?

  • The Ashea West Story

    With just a little faith and a whole lot of determination, I started out on a journey in 2011 that stretched me spiritually in ways I didn’t know possible. I was born in Jamaica and I got baptized in the Seventh Day Baptist church when I was 13 years old.

  • Don’t be a Rachel

    I don’t want to be a Rachel.

  • When to give up

    Today I am here to tell you when it is okay to give up as a Christian.

  • We are Christians first

    I am a Christian first. I am a student, but a Christian student. I am a daughter but a Christian daughter. I am a sister, but a Christian sister. I am a friend but a Christian Friend. I am black, but a Christian that is black. And for this reason, all my views and thoughts are through the lens of being a Christian.