Ben Campbell

Press Service International

Ben Campbell (Sydney) is the CEO Africa Enterprise.

  • Introducing Simon Mundu

    Simon is the International Operations Manager for AE overseeing AE’s financial, procurement and asset management and financial reporting among others. Simon is also charged with establishing and operationalizing the African Enterprise Southern Africa Region (AESAR), a new mode of operation that AE is piloting.

  • Sewing Project in Ethiopia

    Earlier this year, we shared with you AE Ethiopia’s vision of starting a sewing project for vulnerable women. The team identified ladies who were collecting firewood to sell in the Arba Minch area.

  • Community Transformation Groups

    In 2002 AEE Rwanda piloted the first Rwandan self-help groups (SHGs, also known as community transformation groups), adapting the successful Indian SHG model to work locally. Since then, with its partners, AEE Rwanda has brought the transformational power of SHGs to hundreds of thousands of Rwandese.

  • Rwanda – moving on under COVID-19

    A sea in front of them, two steep mountains on their sides and pharaoh’s army closing on them from behind. And Moses cried to the Lord and the only answer he got was “tell the people to move on…” (Exodus 14:15).

  • Soweto Kayole

    AE’s Soweto Kayole Clinic continues to offer essential primary healthcare services to those who need them most.

  • We had a God-shaped hole in our lives

    Cooper Kruize, an AE supporter, reflects on why he partners with AE and meeting Stephen Lungu.

  • A Young Africa

    Reflections on the hope of Africa’s youth.

  • Volcanic Devastation in Goma.

    Overshadowed by the enormous Nyiragongo volcano, the city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo on lake Kivu has experienced years of conflict between Rwandan and Congelese troops, and in the past few days has been further overwhelmed by a volcanic eruption that has destroyed 500 of the city’s homes. 

  • My AE

    My association with African Enterprise began after my twelve years of service with CMS in Tanzania and the Australian home base. Back again in parish ministry I met with people who had become very committed to a new kind of African ministry called African Enterprise. I joined their Board and in due course became it’s Chairman and later International Chairman. I think that in that time I learned these four important things about AE.

  • My encounter with AE has been a blessing

    Emmanuel Yeboah first joined the Ghana Street Children Apprenticeship Program in 2010 just after his mother passed away. Emmanuel had to resort to street trading in order to support his 3 siblings and was unable to finish school.