Ben Campbell

Press Service International

Ben Campbell (Sydney) is the CEO Africa Enterprise.

  • Why Africa?

    AE founder Michael Cassidy shares his thoughts

  • Of tears and laughter -  remembering Stephen Lungu 1942 - 2021

    Tributes have sprung up around the world, following the tragic news of Stephen Lungu’s passing. Each of these tributes honours Stephen’s fruitful ministry, and reflects on his beautiful smile and joyous laughter.

  • A snapshot of Africa 2021 – progress and challenges

    Despite significant challenges, and persistent uncertainty, Africa has made extensive progress in recent years.

  • Maternity at Milne

    Maternal health in Uganda, and at AE’s Milne Medical Centre

  • Man on a mission

    Profile of a missionary - Getting to know Stephen Mbogo, International CEO of African Enterprise

  • The issue of the heart

    Rwanda’s long road to peace and reconciliation

  • The good news of Jesus - multiplied

    Not just COVID-19 has exponential growth. The Gospel does too.

  • Of potions and spells

    Understanding the influence of traditional healers in Africa

  • Hear my cry

    A quick turn of the knob and the pot starts heating up. A few seconds of luxury, completely taken for granted. Somewhere in Ethiopia a mother is also heating up a pot for her family with fire created from wood, leaves, animal dung and crop residues.

  • Bursting with Joy

    The Meru North Hope Mission 2020, organised by African Enterprise Kenya in partnership with Meru North Churches started off on Saturday, 17th October 2020.