Blake Gardiner

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Hailing from North Auckland, Blake Gardiner sounds American, looks Swedish, but grew up in Laos. As an introvert, Blake lives life on the edge by socialising. When he isn’t putting his life at such risk, he enjoys reading theology and debating whether Interstellar is truly the greatest movie of all time. Blake is married to fellow young writer Jessica Gardiner. 

  • The Choices We Don’t Get

    In our postmodern, technological capitalist societies, life is littered with the opportunity and illusion of choice. We are taught to act upon our individualistic impulses, believing that we not only have the opportunity to define our ultimate destinies, but that we possess the power to manipulate every aspect of our lives.

  • Your Calling Does Not Save You

    hen we consider either contemporaries or historical figures whom we admire, we tend to gravitate to their lived vocations. Consider Paul, one of our greatest missionaries, or Charles Spurgeon, donned the Prince of Preachers. When they come to mind, we often perceive their legacy through their calling or vocation.

  • Seek…

    It is hard to find inspiration to write when you choose to be uninspired. It is hard to listen to God when you choose not to pray. It is hard to know God when your Bible collects dust on the bookshelf.

  • The Cancel Culture of Entertainment

    This is a part-rant, part-existential crisis on how I spend my time. I don’t know about you, but I love watching Netflix shows. (Seemingly) endless options to choose from at a decent monthly subscription rate. What’s the question?

  • Where are the protests?

    On 6 March 2023, New Zealand’s government published a new land transport plan with climate change as the number one priority. This was to be achieved by improving public transport and restructuring how much funding would be spent on road infrastructure for vehicle use.

  • Making an ass of only me

    Has it ever occurred to you that this common quip is a two-way phrase? It’s a play on the composition of the word ‘assume’ that requires two parties who are equally worthy of foolishness.

  • When government falls short

    How easy it is to express our discontent with elected officials. A foul policy, wrong priorities, or unagreeable budget cuts (or increases). The list of grievances a government can succumb to is extensive.

  • Forfeiting fellowship for a fumbled frappe

    In the age of COVID-19, how do we define inconvenience? A long line at the checkout, our favourite brand of toilet paper out of stock, overnight delivery taking an extra day, or the 5-minute late coffee order a bit burnt for our liking?

  • Becoming a vampire

    Only a vampire can really tell you what it is like to be a vampire. Sure, plenty of non-vampires (mortals, ugh) can give TedTalks, write best-selling books, or teach a university course on the life of immortality and wearing a cape.

  • Jesus, Take the Wheel

    This article has no Scripture. Not because it does not matter (it does), but because this issue should be so straight forward, it needs no out of context Scripture.