Blake Gardiner

Press Services International

Hailing from North Auckland, Blake Gardiner sounds American, looks Swedish, but grew up in Laos. As an introvert, Blake lives life on the edge by socialising. When he isn’t putting his life at such risk, he enjoys reading theology and debating whether Interstellar is truly the greatest movie of all time.

  • Single-Serving Friends

  • Christ-Centredness in the COVID Climate

  • I’m no Expert But…

  • Embarrassed by theology

    On 11 July, entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson ascended to the heavens in the VSS Unity. Well, kind of. Laying aside how far Branson actually shot into “space”, debate ensued as to whether he qualified as an astronaut for having gone to space at all.

  • Young adult – yeah nah

    Young adult – a term used for a collective group of individuals categorised by the responsibility they wield unmatched by a lack of maturity and societal expectation.

  • The Joy of Reading (Slowly)

    Have you ever paused a movie to consider what you just watched? Probably not. It doesn’t make any sense. Why would you pause a movie?

  • The Trade-Off of Generosity

    “There are no solutions. There are only trade-offs.”

  • Why Denominations Matter (And Don’t)

    If there is only one way, Jesus, to salvation, why are there so many denominations? Fair question. The diversity (and, sadly, hostility) between denominations is a peculiarity for a religion that claims to have only one way to God.

  • Disgusted with Leviticus

    The book of Leviticus is admonished for being boring: protocols for sacrifices, priestly garments, the dimensions of the Temple, and laws upon laws. It becomes an inside joke in churches. The dreariness of Bible reading is lumped onto those early Old Testament texts.

  • There are no participation awards in church

    Participation awards, a modern symbol of a yearning for equality at the cost of merited awards, have no place in church. To celebrate participation is a failure to recognise diversity of skill, talent, and gifting that we are called to use wisely as stewards of God’s gifts.