Brandon Tsang

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Brandon Tsang is a Sydney-based writer currently working in IT. He studied Marketing and Economics at UNSW and loves to spend his spare time hiking, playing volleyball or watching Netflix.

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  • Tips for being a better manager

    Everyone likes to be their own boss…and it seems to have its perks! You get to set your own hours, tell people what to do, make your own decisions and the list goes on!

  • Tips for being a better worker

    What does it mean to be a good worker? It is quite subjective as it differs from one boss to another. Its definition can change from the skills that you have to how you conduct yourself in the workplace.

  • Tips for starting your first job

    “Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go!”

  • Hope when there is turmoil and discouragement

    Do things seem discouraging to you lately? It can come from a variety of factors.

  • Making good decisions in high school for life

    How can we make good decisions? It is something that we obsess with and understandably so! We always want to make the best choice, especially when it comes to big things in life.

  • Five things Christians should not blindly trust

    Trust is an important aspect of all of our relationships and how we interact with each other. A relationship refers to the way two or more people connect and interact with each other. Without trust, we would have to exercise caution over our conduct, from the words we say to the actions we take. This would apply to various groups of people, whether friend or stranger.

  • Does the Bible have issues with our income?

    As Australian, we are very blessed to be able to live in a rich and stable country that is able to have a government large enough to fund social programs which help the most vulnerable. This past Saturday, Australians have exercised their freedom and right to vote for politicians or political parties they believe best represent their view and priorities in parliament.

  • We are all servants

    Everyone and every firm is in the business of serving others, or at least serving something. If we look at the function of any business or any job, they all seek to serve a “customer”. From a business perspective, it could be something as simple as McDonald’s serving our needs when we choose to buy a Big Mac or it can be Netflix serving our wants when we choose to subscribe and stream TV series and movies from them.

  • Our participation is necessary

    For all Australians, 2019 is when we will be heading to the polls to elect who we want to represent us in Federal Parliament. Some states this year will also have an election as well. It seems that every year, there is an election of sorts to be held. Whether a local council election, state election, a by-election or a Federal election.

  • Escapism - media and technology

    Like many Australians, to relax after a day of work, I would either watch a movie on Netflix or play video games. On reflection, the two main reasons why I enjoy this is because it allows me to embark on a journey through artists’ universes or that it allows me to role play a character that I know I can never be in real life.