Brandon Tsang

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Brandon Tsang is a Sydney-based writer currently working in IT. He studied Marketing and Economics at UNSW and loves to spend his spare time hiking, playing volleyball or watching Netflix.

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  • Misplaced dreams and regrets

    Hopes and dreams are big motivational drivers of many people today. The best thing about dreams is that you can have as many as you want and they can be as wild as you want them to be and it changes depending on your age or life circumstances.

  • Is taxation theft?

    Every day, whether we make money or spend money or even hold money in a bank, we will inevitably pay some form of tax. Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, is attributed with saying that “There are only two things certain in life: death and taxes”.

  • The Financial Trade-off We Make

    At each stage of life, we have different goals and pleasures that capture our attention. When we were children, it was probably that toy we really wanted to have (or ice cream!). As we grow older, we might start wanting a new car or house or latest technological gadget.

  • Is Our Banter Helpful?

    Jokes and funny stories are a great way to connect with people and friends. We love sharing and joking around with each other. Whether it is the lame puns we might have, funny stories or banter, people always love a good laugh.

  • What is it About Escapism, Media and Technology

    To relax after a day of work, I would either watch a movie on Netflix or play video games as many Australian do. On reflection, the two main reasons why I enjoy this is because it allows me to embark on a journey through artists’ universes or that it allows me to role play a character that I know I can never be in real life.

  • Our problem with profit and entrepreneurship

    An entrepreneur is someone who takes risk to set up a business in the hope of making a profit. When we hear the word “profit” we sometimes put up our guard and hesitate due to the negative connotations that are sometimes associated with that word. In the media, films, and even in our discussions with each other, we sometimes characterise business people as “evil” and “greedy”.

  • Economic foundations from the Bible

    For me, economics is a fascinating field of study which tries to understand how the world and society work.

  • Three tips for being a better learner

    Learning is a very important skill that all of us do and should master. It is a lifelong process and foundational to teaching us how to think, how to act and respond to different scenarios in life.

  • Are Christians too scared of money and wealth?

    For Christians, the words “money” or “wealth” can be a taboo, especially when discussing it with friends or family and the goals that we might have for it.

  • Good drivers and passengers

    Roadtrips are a fun activity enjoyed with friends and family, usually on long weekends or holidays.