Brittany Geoghegan

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Brittany Geoghegan is in her final year of International Studies at the University of Queensland. Brittany continues to explore her love for the people and places that God has made. While Brittany has always been a fitness enthusiast, she is excited for the opportunity to write as part of her creative endeavours.

  • Expectation versus reality

    Only a few days ago I was sitting at my desk in Lausanne, Switzerland, wondering how I should approach my mooting assignment on human rights and international law. Now I am 11889 metres above sea level and under four hours away from Brisbane International Airport.

  • That’s My Dad!

    Some of my earliest memories of my Dad are building things in the backyard, drawing together, sitting on the back of his bike, and praying together every night before bed.

  • Moonlight

    It was a full moon. Perhaps one of the brightest that I had ever seen. With no streetlights nearby, the moon lit up the night’s sky and revealed its full beauty. When everything around is quiet and still, the moon remains bright to guide everything through the night.

  • One round at a time

    As you may know from a few articles ago, at the beginning of 2016 I injured myself to the extent that I had to discontinue gymnastics and athletics training; two things that I was so passionate about.

  • Be all in

    “What do I have to do to get this?”

  • Intentionality

    The definition of intentionality is; the fact of being deliberate or purposive.

  • Expectations Verses Reality

    Usually when this time of the month rolls around I start writing about whatever's been on my mind without too much trouble. Being somewhat of a ponder-er there is usually some thought that I enjoy fleshing out and sending into cyberspace. A month or so ago when I was thinking ahead to what it would be like writing while I am away working at a Summer Camp in Maryland US, I was not worried because I was sure that I would have so many new experiences to do that with.