Clarissa Yates

Press Service International

Clarissa Yates is a young writer and a mum of two from Perth, Western Australia and a business woman with her 'Hooked in a Box' - Hooked in a Box is a curated gift box studio company that hand-picks and creates customised and personalised gift boxes for Mum and babies. Clarissa Yates previous articles may be viewed at

  • The glory and shame of the Cross

    The glory and shame of the cross may be a paradox to others as it first was to me.

  • Appreciating the mess and chaos in your life

    Before I became a mother, my life was clean, mess-free and "perfect". I had perfect routines and schedules for myself, I always had a top-notch clean home to come back to, and I had Excel spreadsheets detailing my exact plans for life.

  • A fascinating journey

    When I was 25 I married. I now have a secure future with my husband, a daughter, another child on the way, a beautiful home that we live in, a gorgeous set of in-laws and extended family, and love being a mum that I have always dreamt of.