Elizabeth Josic

Press Service International

Elizabeth Josic is a Press Services International columnist from the Sunshine Coast.

  • Discernment

    Discernment truly is a gift, in my own personal experience I’ve realised that discernment is having established a Biblical basis on the spiritual gift and importantly on how to exercise it.

  • Quit running 

    If there is something that I have learnt in this life, it is to learn contentment in where we are placed. Whether you are a youth leaders’ pastor, on welcome team, or on multiple teams for the matter, if you go in with a loving heart for that particular ministry keep it that way.

  • No Fear of Heights

    How do we overcome fear? Firstly, let us understand what fear is and where it comes from.

  • View: The Love of God

    When we pick out people at random, it’s highly likely that most of them don’t know what the true meaning of love is.

  • From Saul to David

    Presently we are in a transitional time, midway between a Saul-type and David-type leadership.

  • Expectant

    Whatever it is that we are facing, there is a way to success. How do we apply this to our life?

  • Being an overcomer

    To we who refuses to let go of the word of God, victory belongs to us.