Esther Koh

Press Service International

Esther Koh is a primary school teacher living in Christchurch with her husband and two sons. She loves people and has a passion for helping others find their purpose for living. 

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  • Breaking the misperception and misunderstanding cycle

    As someone who was watching from the sides to witness the whole ordeal unveiling, it was clearer to me than to the three involved as to what was happening.

  • What are the do's and don'ts of Christianity?

    As a Christian, I grew up learning the 10 commandments. We sing about it in songs since young and try to live our lives according to it.

  • When got to becomes get to

    Mealtimes are a struggle at my home - almost like a war zone. It's as if there's a huge burden to bear, an oppressive forced atmosphere where people are left without a choice and needing to do everything they can for their survival. Am I really describing mealtimes?

  • Unhealthy guilt: When our best doesn’t seem enough

    Recently I’ve found myself feeling guilty all the time. It feels as if it’s not good enough even when I try to do my best.

  • I am a teacher

    I have always wanted to be a teacher. One of the main reasons is because I am passionate about helping other's find their purpose in life. We are all good at something, and we can all contribute to the world with our talents. If only someone recognized our talents and helped us hone it.

  • ABCs for Natural Disasters

    Natural disasters are not a new issue around the world. The flash floods alongside Cyclone Gabrielle which happened towards the end of January and in February in 2023 affecting regions in the North Island of Aotearoa, has not only caused damage to thousands of homes, vehicles and places but also taken some lives.

  • When there's nothing new

    It's been exciting listening to the many new year's resolutions that others have made for the year. While pondering about the resolutions made, the thought of how long this new year's resolutions will last crossed my mind but what lingered longer was the reasons behind each resolution.

  • Two steps forward, one step back, two steps forward

    Sometimes in life we feel like we are going two steps forward and making great progress. However, something then happens which forces us one step back. Unfortunately, life isn't a linear progression where our life graph continues to head upwards all the time.

  • Broken: When there is no miracle

    He prayed for me and I was immediately healed… If only that was the case for me.

  • Broken: The journey to recovery

    The tumble took a toll on my foot. I remembered honestly answering no, I was not okay and I needed some help. Instantaneously, I knew I had injured myself and that I was hurt.