Esther Koh

Press Service International

Esther Koh is a primary school teacher living in Wellington with her husband and two sons. She loves people and has a passion for helping others find their purpose for living.

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  • I don't have a choice

    "What can I do?" "There's nothing that I can do in this situation." "I don't have control over what's happening."

  • Déjà vu: Yes again

    Have we ever experienced something over and over? It might feel like we’ve been through this not too long ago and yet once again we find ourselves going down the same path.

  • Road closures

    The rain in the past few weeks have brought lots of destruction. Drains clogged, roofs leaked, roads turned to streams and travels disrupted.

  • Intimidation: Rebuilding the walls

    Intimidation comes in many forms. It could be from the majority voice and accepted norms in the world. It could be an employer or colleague belittling what you are doing. It could be a passing comment by a family member or spouse. It can be from friends or acquaintance through small jokes.

  • Pay freeze: Lamentations of a public servant

    The unexpected bombshell of a pay freeze for all public sectors caused an insurmountable level of distress to lots of public servants, myself included. While already not earning much, news of no pay rise until 2024 before I went to sleep, surely was not the best bedtime story.

  • Is there 1 thing we need to live?

    “What’s 1 thing you need to live?” asked my youngest boy. I thought for a moment – is there only 1 thing I need to live?

  • Fighting fire with fire

    “STOP SHOUTING!” Ironically, when my eldest boy, John, was trying to get his younger brother, Michael, to stop shouting, he ended up shouting at him.

  • Before a beginning

    Lots of fairy-tale stories begin with ‘Once upon a time' and conclude with 'The end.'

  • Spot the difference

    Everyone is unique. When we look around, we can easily spot the difference.

  • I choose this… or that; still God chose

    Choices aren’t easy. I, for one, am not good at making decisions. To choose this or to choose that? There are pros of both choices and cons of both choices. What then should be our guideline for choosing?