Fiona Mackenzie

Press Service International

Fiona Mackenzie is doing her best to figure life out. Along the way, she enjoys the odd coffee and exploring the great outdoors. She hails from Newcastle, NSW, making the most of the beach and coastal lifestyle. More of her thoughts can be found at

  • Why I gave up being a nice

    All I ever did was care. I gave what I had. And maybe even some more.

  • The Daigle Debacle

    I found myself driving somewhere the other day. As I often do, I had the radio playing in the car. I don’t pay too much attention to it, I guess it serves more to provide company.                 

  • Are we aliens?

    If you went around asking people to define what an alien was, I am sure there would be a multitude of answers.

  • Restoration in relationships (PSI Young Writers Best of 2018)

    “It’s been like giving CPR for a year straight and still getting no response.”

  • ‘18’ from 2018

    I love lists. Especially “to do” lists.

  • More than this moment

    “000 Ambulance what town or suburb?”

  • Why I Gave up Being Nice

    All I ever did was care. I gave what I had. And maybe even some more.

  • The Edge of Love

    You’re standing on the edge of a platform, suspended high, metres off the ground. In front of you is a thin wire. Your mission? Should you choose to accept, travel across this wire, suspended off the ground. Walking slowly, keeping your balance. Your eyes looking ahead, your head still. All whilst realising your feet are not on the safety of the ground.

  • Oi! Listen Up!

    I recently found myself sitting in the emergency rows of a domestic flight. The safety briefly annoying for commuters, but necessary as part of the flying process.

  • Kingdom Conspiracy

    Recently I’ve been reading a fascinating book by Scot McKnight called Kingdom Conspiracy. McKnight is a New Testament scholar, historian and theologian. Any questions about the integrity and authority of the Bible, I’m sure he’s your guy.